turquese faqs

1. How does TURQUESE water wear fit? What do you mean by a "European fit"?

The water wear has a streamlined, elegant fit that comfortably skims the body and allows freedom of movement. If you would prefer a very loose fit, we recommend that you go up a size. Our elastic waist gently stays in place, and its turquoise signature cord is easily adjustable for a customizable fit. The mid-thigh length is a classic that’s just as perfect for Portofino as Amagansett.

2. Is everything Made in Italy?

We proudly source every element of each TURQUESE product in Italy. We work with a select number of Italy’s finest manufacturers to offer a collection of exceptional quality. This is as important to us as it is to you. We know you appreciate the superior craftsmanship and elegance found only in Italy, and with TURQUESE we bring that to you.

3. Where do the orders ship from?

ALL orders are shipped from our warehouse in New Jersey.

4. What is your return policy?

We love our products (and hope you will, too), but we don’t want you to keep a TURQUESE purchase if you’re not 100% satisfied. If for any reason you want to return something, you can do so. We only ask that you follow the steps outlined in our RETURN POLICY. Need more help? Please email us at info@turquese.com with any questions.

5. Why is the water wear made from cotton? How long does it take to dry?

We believe our cotton is the most luxurious, sensuous fabric in the world. We researched tirelessly to find the ideal weight for comfort in and out of the water, and developed washing techniques to enhance and stabilize the colors of our water wear. TURQUESE offers the discerning gentleman an inspired, natural fabric that stands apart from the synthetic blends found elsewhere. We have created a new standard in men’s luxury swimwear, in fact we’re called TURQUESE elegant water wear TM because our cotton is a world apart (and a cut above) any you’ve seen before. General drying time—calculated while sunning on our local beach in Tuscany—is about eight minutes. At your beach or pool? Maybe a minute more...maybe less... We recommend that you take a break from watching the clock.

6. Will the fabric fade?

With exposure to the elements, all natural fibers will inevitably—but gently—lose some of their color. That’s not necessarily a bad thing: Just think of your favorite cotton shirt—the one you want to hold on to forever. We believe you’ll feel the same way about your TURQUESE water wear as the years go by.

7. Where does your name come from?

Mother and son partners, Cathryn and Stefano Minoli wanted to convey in one word the essence of who they are. Cathryn is enamored with the different colors of water around the world – Sardenia’s turquoise, Montauk”s Atlantic grey-green, the Caribbean’s countless shades of blue – they played with Italian, English and Spanish spellings of the word turquoise and coined TURQUESE. Stefano added “elegant water wear” and a unique name and brand was born. Pronounced: to͝or kā zē