Made In Italy. Made for the Sun.

Summer is more than a season. It’s a feeling that isn’t limited to specific place or time. Summer is July in Portofino and January on Harbour Island, and any destination where you’ll find the serenity of a true holiday. TURQUESE elegant water wear is the wardrobe for all of those moments.

Created entirely in Italy, TURQUESE is part of an extraordinary sartorial tradition. Each detail of the collection is executed with the same level of care and precision as the finest tailored garments, from painstakingly hand painted buttons to expertly sewn seams. And masterful construction is just part of the story.

There’s beauty and purpose behind every TURQUESE design. Our 100% cotton water wear is exceptionally comfortable from the first moment it’s worn, whether wet or dry, and only gets better with time. Our shirts have a silhouette that lightly skims the body and features linen selected for its perfect weight, refined color palette and elegant drape. Our oversized, intricately embroidered towels withstand endless hours in the sun.

Everything with the TURQUESE label looks and feels like the best of summer, and only improves with every wear and each new season.